We are a team of surveying and geomatics professional engineers and our numerous clients have come to trust us with their specialized needs in land technical surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing and digital mapping. Surverial provides a wide range of aerial surveys, photogrammetry and digital mapping services to clients across a variety of markets.


We carry out Aerial & Land Surveys services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), GNSS/GPS Surveying Systems and TPS. We provide high resolution True-Orthophotos, detailed Contour lines, quality DSM/DTM and accurate 2D & 3D mapping. We create 3D Photo-Realistic Models for engineering purposes, 3D Graphics Visualizations (CGI) and many more!

  • Utility Companies

  • Developers

  • Engineers

  • Real Estate

  • Marketing & Advertising Companies

  • Telecommunication Companies

  • Government

  • Municipalities

  • 3D Graphic Designer Companies

  • Other

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Surverial provides safe, comprehensive, professional aerial mapping and True Ortho-PhotoImagery using UAV technologies and advanced image processing softwares. We believe in Quality and Quantity! Our metthods are very competitive with traditional surveys. Choosing our Services & Products you benefit in speed, safety, accuracy and resolution over traditional methods. Find out more by contacting us today!

True Orthophotos

DEM & Contour Lines

Dense Point Clouds

3D Photorelastic Models

2D/3D Mapping & GIS

Video – Images & Inspections

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  • Architecture & Engineering

  • Development & Construction

  • Real Estate

  • Property Management

  • Urban Planning

  • Land-Use Classification

  • Asset Management

  • Telecommunications

  • Energy & Mining

  • Agriculture

  • Archaeology

  • Advertising & Marketing

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